(Approx 110,000 words)

by George Macpherson

Drought in Africa, floods in Asia and tornadoes in USA threaten to destabilise whole populations. The prospect of aggressive mass migration has become real. World leaders are receiving warnings that radicalisation of the educated, but desperate poor, poses a credible and immediate threat of meltdown to global law and order. In view of secret intelligence and commercial predictions, Permanent Members of the UN Security Council take decisive action to prevent such a cataclysm. The failure of military force to bring peace in Congo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria convinces Presidents Xi, Hollande, Putin, Prime Minister Cameron, and  President Obama that something different must be tried.

To achieve this, hundreds of retired engineers, agronomists, chemists and field administrators must be called back in a massive effort to harness natural resources and world trade, providing food, water and a livelihood to the dangerously  deprived.

Arun Gillies, ageing son of a Burmese mother and Scottish father, is one of those re-recruited from his retirement home in South West France. For him it comes at a pivotal moment in his life, complicated by the state of his marriage and his fantasies surrounding a brilliant young French student of politics, whom he meets when she’s on work experience. Events take this unlikely couple back and forth between Europe, Africa, and America, taking unexpected and dramatic roles in the front line of this world campaign.

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