(Approx 95,000 words)

a novel by George Macpherson

Is it possible for people to meet as children, grow up together, marry and live happily ever after? One small girl, Harriet, decides it is and sets out to make it happen, despite the opposition of her aristocratic Roman Catholic family – and despite it being Jeremy, the boy she’s chosen in the village. He is from ‘the wrong background’ – his father is a carpenter  –  and worse, his parents are Church of England. Later, in his teenage years he has sexual hang-ups.

Set in mid-20th Century in rural England, sex before marriage is taboo; homosexuality is scorned and illegal; and the barriers of class and religion – not to mention the dangers of pregnancy and ‘VD’ – weigh the young people down with damaging inhibitions, yet Harriet and Jeremy become close and learn to keep their relationship secret. His ambition is to be a farmer: her chosen career is that of a violinist. Their mutual love of music contributes to their finding ways round the limitations and obstacles that stand between them and eventual happiness?  

Harriet’s sunny self-confidence is dangerously challenged and Jeremy, as he works his way up the land management ladder in Oxfordshire, comes to her rescue. Meanwhile he has to face the guilt that has weighed him down for so long.

Their bonding with each other transcends a series of dramatic events that threaten their careers and life together. This novel shares their emotional development through love, sexuality, guilt, serenity, the transcendence of music and the joy of enduring affection.


Publisher’s summary


By George Macpherson

 In the years after World War Two a Dorset boy finds himself a victim of class prejudice in his village at an early age when the daughter of the manor decides he is what she wants. Both children are heirs of their history. Harriet is one of several sisters in a family of landed gentry whose fortunes are crumbling. Jeremy, the son of a respected craftsman and a local school-teacher pursues a career in farm management. As the love for each other develops they meet obstacles – but only from one side. Despite devout parents governed by tradition, sexual inhibitions and the wide gulf between their classes and religions, their love endures. It shapes their lives and careers. Their passion for playing chamber music brings them friends and some social recognition. They also learn how to give each other what Mother Nature demands.  He learns the cello to be able to join Harriet and her friends playing chamber music. They discover that the dedication and patience needed to perfect their playing of stringed instruments can also be applied to overthrowing the barriers of class and religion. The supreme satisfaction of participating in a quartet is matched in their working lives and personal relationships as the lovers follow their training, logic and natural instincts.

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