This is a tale of adventure, conflict and love; sometimes amusing, sometimes tragic – at all levels – personal, community, national and international. To the shock of two villages in Cornwall, the vicar is eloping with the squire’s wife. At the same time, desperate refugees and migrants are dying as they flee their homes heading for Europe, braving the perils of crossing the Mediterranean and the English Channel. World leaders at the United Nations in New York have taken unprecedented action in Mission Isaya, by deploying Blue Beret troops to stem the mass migration that threatens to cause world chaos – using not force but investment, training and economic development. While decisions are made at top level, their repercussions echo back to village communities and the general public across the globe. Resistance comes from prejudice, fear and greed. Will Isaya succeed? A heart-warming story, with a touch of humour and hopes of success – given the will.

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